Why did I become a part of U:SA? Because, like you, I believe in the mission of public media and want to do my part to foster its growth.

I’ve had many roles in my career, including General Manager, Program Director, VP for Development, Consultant, Researcher, Facilitator, Co-Founder of PRPD, and more. I will use all my knowledge and experience to help stations reach their full potential.

U:SA focuses on improving the relationship between stations and their institutions. Public media stations and universities both bring so much value to their communities, so it is very unfortunate and counterproductive when both parties are not on the same page. Institutions can be complicated stakeholders, and U:SA is here to help stations make the station/licensee relationship work for the benefit of our listeners, viewers, and communities.

Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome as we navigate these relationships together.

Write me at executive.director@us-alliance.org

or call me at 727-421-6214.
Peter Dominowski
U:SA Executive Director