Affiliate fees are scaled based on the size of your organization. Please select the range for your most recently reported NFFS.

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Public Media licensed to University, College, Library, School District, Tribal or Government entities are invited to become affiliates of the University: Station Alliance. With a mission to support and strengthen institutional stations and their relationships with licensees, the U:SA provides counsel, tools, resources and advocacy. Your affiliation makes it possible.

As a member of University Station Alliance, you will receive:

  • Full access to members-only content that contains more than 400 resources such as white papers, customizable marketing publications, membership letters, training videos and surveys
  • Participation in the U:S Alliance Leadership Academy
  • New & updated surveys
  • Free consulting and board development services
  • National representation on CPB/CGS Review
  • Representation for FCC Challenges

Additional information

Affiliate Size

>$10M NFFS, $7.5 – $9.99M NFFS, $2.5 – $7.499M NFFS, $1 – $2.499M NFFS, $100K – $999K NFFS, <$99,999K NFFS