With a 23-year history as a support system for stations licensed to universities, colleges, school systems, and state agencies, the U:SA is looking for a leader who will grow key initiatives such as training leadership, guarding editorial integrity, reviewing governance structures, and benchmarking performance in ways that communicate value to licensees. 

This leader will have an opportunity to develop/provide new and unique services and resources designed for institutionally-owned stations while maintaining existing resources and offerings. 

U:SA provides resources for not only its affiliates, but the public media system. 

Duties: Oversees the day-to-day operation and stewards growth. 

Qualifications: Minimum of 8-years experience in a management position within the public media industry, to include work at institution-licensed stations, as well as at the national level, or possess a high degree of hands-on acquaintance with and knowledge of both; belief in the goals of public media, respect for sensitivity to institutional needs; strong management, organizational, interpersonal and written skills; penchant for functioning as a member of a team and partnering with the Board; demonstrated experience & success with fundraising; and the ability to nurture and increase affiliation and build consensus and trust.

Compensation: Half-time (20 hours per week). Base compensation $40K a year. The Board will provide financial incentives to reward successful efforts to achieve growth. 

Deadline August 15, 2023

Submit cover letter and resume to executive.director@us-alliance.org

For full job description, see below.