The U:SA platform shift is complete! When you visit everything should look exactly as it has in the past.

The big change is that when you go to Member/Affiliate Resources and click on an article, you’ll be asked to log in. The old “generic” password will no long work. You’ll get a message that says:

You need to be logged in to view this content. Please LOG IN. Not a Member? Join Us.

Press the Join Us link to create your personal membership account and then complete the registration form. Press that link and then enter your station email address in the username box. An auto-generated password will already be displayed. Click enter. You should then be invited to create your personal password. My web person recommends you don’t use the old password for safety’s sake.

Please pass this information on to any staff who would benefit from access, or send me the staff name, title and email and I will send them a personal message. 

We’ve tested the password set up on Safari, Bing and Goggle without issue. However, knowing how unpredictable the internet can be, it wouldn’t surprise me if you find issues where I did not. Please email executive.director@us-alliance.organd let me know of any issues you discover!

Virginia M. Dambach, Executive Director
University: Station Alliance