Keen to Start or Expand Community/News  Collaboration Efforts?

Vermont Public Radio works closely with the Center for Community News at the University of Vermont . GM Scott Finn introduced CCN Director, Dr. Richard Watts to U:SA just a few weeks ago. After just a few conversations, Richard asked me to participate in one of their video training sessions, and also offered U:SA affiliates the opportunity to not only listen to past recorded training sessions, but to participate in the three remaining live sessions.

Live and recorded virtual conversations with leading researchers, stakeholders and teachers are designed to provide ideas for all aspects of university/station/community local news collaborations and move them forward. 

Recorded sessions include Stories of Local News Partnerships Making a Difference, Research on Local News, What are Colleges and Universities Doing about the Local News Crisis, Student Statehouse Reporting Programs and more.


Friday, April 28, 12 noon EST
Recruitment, Fundraising & Distribution of Student Content

University led student reporting content is distributed in a variety of ways, from shared webpages to email lists to direct partnerships. Some programs are involving students beyond their journalism programs. How do they recruit those students and why? And we also talk about raising money for your program, knowing that University funding often follows students.

Here we hear from program leaders on some of these topics. Our panel includes Alva James- Johnson, a teacher at Southern Adventist University who works with students to increase coverage of the surrounding community; Marcie Young Cancio with Amplify Utah, an organization that works with a number of partners, Elizabeth Stephens at the University of Missouri, who distributes statehouse reporting content in partnership with the Missouri Press Association and David Squires at North Carolina A&T, where student reporters are covering the neighboring East Greensboro community, to fill reporting gaps at the hard-hit daily Greensboro News & Record and supply content to two local weeklies.

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Friday, May 12, 12 Noon EST
Collaborations with Public Media Organizations

Moderated by Scott Finn, VPR

Visit the Center for Community News website for background and more details regarding this program.