U:SA is always looking for qualified candidates to serve on the Board of Directors. Currently we are working to expand board diversity and encourage nominations that will accomplish that goal.

Currently we have 3 women and 7 men on the board that includes one male Hispanic and one black woman.

The majority of board members are station managers along with one CFO and one attorney. We seek candidates with development and marketing backgrounds as well as GMs.

Your commitment as a board member is to attend 4 meetings a year – one per quarter, to read any materials distributed prior to the meetings, and to engage in discussions.

Officers make a commitment to 11 meetings a year with specific responsibilities as outlined in the by-laws.

Board members may also be called on to write newsletter articles, host zoom discussions, or work on committees as required.

Nominate yourself or a colleague by sending a letter of interest and resume to Virginia Dambach, USA Executive Director at virginia.dambach@us-alliance.org