Sample Case-Building Statements

[LICENSEE]’s [STATION] was directed by the chancellor’s office to provide a document listing reasons “Why university funding should be used to support the station.” The station used the campus’ actual mission and goals statements in crafting a response.

[STATION] is not just an auxiliary enterprise which uses the Campus as its home. The station is an integral component of the Campus’ mission, goals and operations, through its broadcast and non-broadcast activities:

  • The station provides access, to information and entertainment for diverse audiences with varied social, cultural and ethnic This is clearly evident throughout the station’s broadcast schedule, with unique program offerings of different genres of folk music, daily programs of interest to African-Americans, and annual specials for Hispanics, Asians, Native-Americans and others.
  • The station fosters excellence by providing an annual experiential learning activity for our students as part of a collaboration with the Communications Studies Many [LICENSEE] students have received six academic credits to work alongside seasoned professionals for ten hours/week during two semesters to learn the business. One of our graduates who participated in this program recently became Production Coordinator of ANOTHER STATON . In addition, the [STATION] employs students in various capacities at the station throughout the year.
  • The station is a public service, forging linkages between the Campus and the For the past two years, [STATION] has worked with several dozen community organizations and businesses to help preserve folk music into the 21st Century by producing a Boston Folk Festival. This event brought 7,000 people to the Boston Campus last year. Performers included international Nigerian drummer Baba Olatunji, a local Brazilian dance troupe, the only Asian Women’s Lion dance troupe in New England, the Silver Leaf Gospel Singers, and hundreds of local, national and international folk performers.
  • The station works with the Cultural Council and others to develop programs to assist the economic development of the folk [STATION] has a long-term commitment to highlight folk performers and folk venues, and the station is considered an essential factor in the growth of the Commonwealth’s folk community over the past fifteen years. [STATION] has a proposal pending with the Office of Travel and Tourism to work with them and the Greater Boston Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to develop and implement innovative ways to encourage cultural tourism.
  • [STATION] is very serious about its commitment to improve the quality of life in the area. Through daily informational features on the air, and through the production of two annual, week-long summer music camps for adults, [STATION] works to educate teachers, performing artists and others to enrich the culture of, and bring diversity to, its listening audience.

[STATION] is also a source of free advertising and image enhancement for the Campus, and generates goodwill:

  • Eight times each day, on the air, the station identifies that it is a public service of [LICENSEE].
  • Four times each day, [STATION] airs “image spots” about the Campus and its many unique programs, thereby giving the station’s tens of thousands of listeners a positive impression of the Campus.
  • [STATION] routinely airs, at no cost to the University, pre-produced commercials about [LICENSEE]’s programs and events that the Campus spends tens of thousands of dollars to have advertised on other local
  • The station helps to recruit new students by handing out informational material about [LICENSEE]’s undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs to attendees of its monthly concert series and at annual special
  • [STATION] promotes faculty research through a monthly feature it produces in association with our University Communications Department, which has resulted in positive reaction and calls from the station’s listening
  • The station highlights the expertise of faculty and staff on a variety of its shows, and provides the Campus with an opportunity to have our faculty appear as guests on the nationally-syndicated shows which [STATION]
  • Because [STATION] is broadcasting live on the internet, the University’s reputation is not only being enhanced locally, but 
  • The station helps to maintain contact between [LICENSEE] and its alumni, by reminding alums who are station listeners that the Campus is providing a service to them through the
  • [STATION] helps to make important friends for the Campus by providing programs of interest to corporate executives, state and local government
  • [STATION] provides non-broadcast promotion of [LICENSEE] through the press releases that include mention of the Campus, articles about the station mentioning its affiliation with the Campus, and [LICENSEE] logo placement on various station-produced