Presented by Melodie Virtue & Amy Lin, Foster Garvey PC
Thursday, June 17th
2:00 pm Central

With public radio and television licenses up for renewal in 41 states between August 2021 and August 2022, you don’t have time to put off planning or preparing for renewal. Join FCC renewal experts Melodie Virtue and Amy Lin, Foster Garvey PC as they share the importance of preparing early, getting the licensee involved, and dealing with the issues they see that jump out to bite during the process. Melodie says, “If stations haven’t started preparing for their renewal with their licensee, they’re already late and have no time to lose in gaining licensee support and commitment.”

If you are unable to view the YouTube recording, you may listen to the audio file and slide deck below.

Webinar:FCC Renewals Slidedeck – June 2021