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Editorial Integrity Statement WUOT-FM

Just as the University of Tennessee values freedom of speech and academic sovereignty in the classroom, it also has a responsibility to recognize those same freedoms as an integral component of the public airwaves. In serving  the public’s “interest, convenience  and  necessity” (as required by the Federal Communications Commission), WUOT-FM must assure its listeners that news decisions, presentations and other programming are free from outside pressures, including those from Administration, underwriters, donors, etc.

  • As a representative of the University of Tennessee, WUOT-FM will serve its audience with news programming that is interesting, educational and speaks to the broader social issues that form the foundation of current events.
  • The station and its employees will make every attempt to present news programming in a fair, objective manner consistent with standards of journalistic ethics as defined by the Radio-Television Digital News Association (
  • WUOT-FM will not sacrifice editorial judgment for the political, financial or promotional goals of any individual or organization.
  • WUOT-FM will abide by the constitutional and statutory responsibilities outlined in the station’s FCC license, as well as other applicable