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University Administrator Fundraising Pledge Scripts For Any Genre


Currently, most of [STATION’S} operating budget comes directly from [UNIVERSITY]. But the present economic picture in the state requires that we turn to listeners to support the station, for it to continue without any change in service. If you have never shown your financial support before, please do your part today by making a financial contribution to [STATION]. It will make a world of difference.

Call right now with your support, to [NUMBER] or pledge using our online form at [URL]


Hi, I’m [NAME], [TITLE] at [LICENSEE]. For [NUMBER] years, [STATION] has been an important part of greater [COMMUNITY/REGION] cultural fabric. With unique programs of contemporary and traditional [GENRE], [GENRE] and award-winning [GENRE] programs found only on public radio — this station extends the ideals of the university into the community. This week gives us all a chance to make sure that [STATION] can continue to do the job. I hope you’ll take just a moment to consider the value of [STATION] to you, your family and your neighbors — and join in to support this great public radio station. You can help with your phone call: [PHONE NUMBER or, pledge online at  [URL]. Thank you.


Hello, I’m [NAME], [TITLE], at [LICENSEE].  [LICENSEE] has always been a major supporter of [STATION] Radio. However, I don’t think it’s a secret that the university’s allocation from the state has been dramatically reduced, and campus departments such as [STATION] must do more to address the fiscal realities of the situation. We’re proud that the station has nearly [NUMBER of LISTENERS] each week who benefit from this [GENRE, GENRE and GENRE] service of [LICENSEE]. But, for the station to continue to exist without a change in service, it is important that those who listen to [STATION] contribute. If you enjoy the programs you hear on [STATION], it’s extremely important that you do your part to help [LICENSEE] and others to support the station. You can help with your phone call to [PHONE NUMBER] or pledge online at [URL]. Thank you.