University Station Alliance

Linking public broadcasting stations and their university partners since 2001

Principles and Values Statement

We the staff of [STATION], bonded by the principles of our Mission Statement, commit to the following:

TEAMWORK: All of us – full-time, part-time, students and volunteers – are valuable members of a team. We are committed to helping each other succeed and grow professionally and personally. We recognize that every accomplishment is shared by all. Within the team, the right of participation is fully recognized. Individuals are empowered with both the authority and responsibility to achieve their goals.

TRUST: We respect each other by acknowledging the importance of each person and that person’s role. We also recognize that individuals take personal responsibility for their actions. It is within an atmosphere of trust that we encourage each other to express opinions and take risks while striving for excellence.

DIVERSITY: We are committed to promoting and valuing an understanding, appreciation and awareness of our cultural differences. We believe that our differences enhance our professional contributions and consequently enrich the service we provide to our constituents. By valuing our diversity, we can better acknowledge the importance of each other.

COMMUNICATION: Open, honest, and positive communication is a cornerstone of our organization. We foster an environment where staff members directly address each other and actively listen.

BALANCE: Work should contribute to the richness of our lives, but it should not be detrimental to a rewarding personal life.

OPENNESS: We are assured that we will receive full disclosure of information necessary to make decisions, meet our goals and achieve our mission. Therefore, management provides staff with timely and precise financial information. With the sharing of information comes a responsibility to maintain confidentiality, when necessary.

OPTIMISM: We bring optimism and humor to our work.  We take pride in our achievements and in our visions for the future. We nurture flexibility and forgiveness in an environment valuing progress over perfection. We have created this living document to guide our daily individual and team efforts. We accept the responsibility for treating one another with dignity, compassion and fairness. We are committed to helping one another succeed and grow professionally and personally. Our commitment to these principles and values results in trust that our tenure at [STATION] will be satisfying and productive