University Station Alliance

Linking public broadcasting stations and their university partners since 2001

Mission Statement – Generic Station

Example Produced by Craig Beeby former U:SA Exec. Dir

Centrality to Mission

[STATION] is the most visible and active example of [LICENSEE]’s public service and outreach mission. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, [STATION] broadcasts programs that meet demonstrated informational and cultural needs to         million[s] potential listeners. A quality check on [LICENSEE] is as simple as tuning the radio dial or selecting the TV channel.

Funding Sources

Less than             of [STATION]’s budget comes from [LICENSEE]. Its programs are so highly valued by listeners that over           % of the station’s budget comes from individual and corporate contributions and in-kind gifts. Another    % of the budget is funded through competitive federal grants.

In other words, for every dollar [LICENSEE] invests in [STATION], beneficiaries of quality service provide two more. [STATION] has one of the highest contribution rates per listener in the United States.

Licensee Asset

[STATION] is a high profile, cost effective example of [LICENSEE]’s commitment to [CITY/STATE]. For about a penny a person a year, [STATION] delivers the [LICENSEES]’s resources daily to thousands who live in areas which might be otherwise culturally or educationally isolated. Businesses use access to [STATION]’s prestigious National Public Radio & PBS programming to recruit quality employees with metropolitan expectations.

[CITY/STATE] opinion leaders may not be able to visit the [LICENSEE] campus often, but they do keep in touch through [STATION]. [STATION] represents the [LICENSEE] with distinction through esteemed coverage of the [CITY/STATE] legislature and has received                              state and national awards for the quality of its programming.

[STATION] supports the [LICENSEE]’s academic mission by providing opportunities for students to gain professional experience to supplement classroom instruction. Jobs provided to students each semester offer financial support of academic pursuits. Students and faculty have access to a nationally recognized public radio station and its operations for observation and research.

[LICENSEE] Identity

[LICENSEE]’s image has been well-served by a station of national repute whose very name, [STATION], is synonymous with high quality programming and valued news and information.