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Foundation Credo

What We Stand For

As a result of the many cultures and life experiences present within it, Santa Cruz County is varied and vital. It is also endowed with extraordinary natural beauty which we must all work to preserve and protect. The Community Foundation is dedicated to involving all people in pursuing the common good.

The Community Foundation believes that to be strong, our community must be supported by volunteer action and effective philanthropy. This will assure that Santa Cruz County continues  to be a desirable place for all people to live, work and raise their families. In pursuing our goals and evaluating our efforts, the Community Foundation believes that:


People of all ages need free and open access to information and education in order to be successful participants in a democratic society.


With appropriate resources and opportunity, people have the interest, capacity and obligation to define and meet their needs.


Strong communities develop when people establish constructive relationships, treat one another with respect and work together collaboratively to solve problems.


Artistic expression should be encouraged and opportunities for enjoying a variety of cultural activities and art forms should be available to everyone.


The benefits that our community has to offer should be fully available to everyone.


All persons affected by decisions should have the opportunity to effectively participate in and contribute to the planning and decision making process.


Our community’s natural resources and our cultural heritage should be enhanced for the current generations and protected for future generations.


Public and private institutions should serve the public interest and be held accountable for the quality and cost efficiency of their services.


The community benefits from the efforts of individuals and institutions to take initiative and assume responsibility for challenging the status quo.

The work of the Foundation focuses on the following interdependent areas of community life: Arts and Humanities, Community Development, Education, Environment, Health, Historic Preservation, and Human Services. The needs of our community will change from time to time. Accordingly, the Community Foundation will also change to meet those needs.