University Station Alliance

Linking public broadcasting stations and their university partners since 2001

Sample- [LICENSEE] On-Air Credits

Each statement rotates throughout the week. The image statements change quarterly.

“[STATION] a listener/viewer supported service of [LICENSEE].

“You’re listening to [LICENSEE], a community service of the [LICENSEE]…”, “…with over         distinguished faculty including                                 Fine Arts.”

“…with           institutes, actively involved in professional public service and community outreach in areas including     ,            ,                                 .

“…with a library which houses more than               volumes and                 journals.”

“…with a Fitness Center equipped with cardiovascular and weight machines, racquetball and squash courts and an aerobics room.”

“…with summer programs in            ,              ,              .”

“…with             colleges offering more than                undergraduate and graduate programs.”

“…which engages more than               students and teachers annually in an innovative approach to science through                                                                              programs.”