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Preparing for CPB Inpector General Review

As with any type of evaluation, review or audit, the best defense is prevention. We strongly recommend reviewing your website to make sure the materials required by the various Communications Act and transparency requirements are posted and easy to find on your website.

Examples of information required to be posted on your site include:

  • Your station’s most recent audited or unaudited financial statements, whichever is applicable
  • Your station’s most recent annual financial report (AFR) or annual financial summary report (FSR), whichever is applicable
  • The names, titles and contact information of your station’s senior/executive management
  • A list of the members of your station’s governing body
  • A list of your station’s CAB members
  • Notices of open meetings (if notices are not provided elsewhere)
  • Reasons if a meeting has been closed (if not disclosed elsewhere)

Stations must also have the following information for public inspection at your central office or posted to your website:

  • Diversity Statement
  • Local Content and Service Report (LCSR)

If you have not posted this information, do so as soon as possible in case your station is selected for evaluation.

You can view a copy of the OIG’s letter here and visit the CPB website’s compliance page for more information on this initiative and on compliance in general. You can also download their complete document on compliance standards to learn more about the required materials to be posted on your site.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about this information or need additional assistance with your station’s compliance and reporting requirements.