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(Example) The Role Of The [Station] Advisory Board

[STATION] Public Media is licensed to the Board of Regents of the University of [Licensee] System and operated locally by the University of [Licensee] – Milwaukee College of Letters and Science.

[STATION] established an advisory board in the 1970’s when the Corporation for Public Broadcasting required such a Board. Although CPB has since eliminated the requirement for those public stations, which are licensed, to state or governmental agencies, [STATION] maintains its Board as a means of soliciting advice and input on a wide variety of station related issues.

In defining the role of Advisory Boards, CPB indicated that these groups are to be “solely advisory in nature” and “in no case shall the board have any authority to exercise any control over the daily management or operation of the station.” That authority resides with the administration of UW-Milwaukee and the UW Board of Regents as the holders of the station’s license.

[STATION]’s Director / General Manager is the primary liaison to the Board. Typically, the Board may be asked to review and provide advice on matters relating to programming issues and goals, station services and significant policy decisions. Board members are expected to be active advocates for the station and will assist staff with fundraising.

At the discretion of the Chair, committees may be formed around specific issues or agenda items. These committees may be ongoing or be formed for short durations of time. The Chair of the Advisory Board appoints chairs of the subcommittees. Reports from the committees are presented to the full Board for consideration.

Periodically, the Advisory Board may also be asked to undertake a comprehensive review of the station in the context of long-range goals. The purpose of such a review should be to provide a community perspective on the quality of the Station’s public service.


The Dean of the College of Letters and Science appoints the [STATION] Advisory Board upon the recommendation of the Director and the CAB Chairperson. All members should demonstrate support and interest in the activities of the station.


The [STATION] Advisory Board elects a Chairperson who works closely with the

Station’s Director. In addition an executive committee, consisting of the Chair, past chair, and all chairs of subcommittees may meet to review the ongoing operations of the Board and to evaluate the performance of current members and recommend new members.


The [STATION] Advisory Board usually meets 5 or 6 times per year, at a time and place announced at least two weeks prior to the meetings. The Chair may call extraordinary meetings of the Board at any time. All meetings are open to the public and must be in compliance with [Licensee]’s Open Meetings law. The time and place of such meetings are announced on the air and are posted on the station’s web page.