University Station Alliance

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Sample Teamwork Agreements

These agreements were forged by a staff committee.


Treat Colleagues with Respect by:

  • Weighing all decisions against the [STATION] mission statement, being open to feedback on those decisions and following up on decisions I make.
  • Assuming expertise — having confidence in the skills of my co-workers regardless of their position.
  • Updating colleagues on happenings in my department.
  • Seeking input — listening to opinions and explaining any decisions I make.
  • Using the most expedient and appropriate form of communication.
  • Ensuring important news reaches all staff quickly.
  • Refraining from inappropriate jokes or language.
  • Recognizing that students and interns need to be mentored. Using discretion with them.

Respect People’s Time by:

  • Honoring commitments. Avoiding last minute requests to the extent possible.
  • Being punctual to meetings.
  • Being well organized and brief if I’ve called a meeting.
  • Only calling a meeting if other communication won’t suffice.

Respect Co-worker’s Privacy by

  • Using discretion in our conversations while being mindful of shared workspace.
  • Stopping any conversation I think is disparaging to a colleague.
  • Not reading or going through mail, e-mail or voice mail of others unless asked to do so by them.

Work Toward Fair Conflict Resolution by

  • Talking in a closed office or production room to allow for privacy.
  • Working out problems first with the person with whom I have an issue. If there’s no resolution, I’ll find a person with whom I can confide and strategize and decide to follow through on the issue or drop it. I will go to a supervisor only if there’s no resolution after that.
  • If the problem is listed in (university, college, state, institution personnel guidelines) I will follow up using those procedures. If I’m in AFTRA I may follow the grievance guidelines outlined in the current union contract.