The deadline for nominations for the Madison Hodges Innovator for Public Media Advancement Award has been extended to October 21. A simple letter detailing the impact your nominee has had at your organization and on the public media system is all that is required. No forms. No fees. Please nominate a deserving candidate within the university/institutional licensee universe that deserves national recognition.

This award reflects the U:SA’s Mission and Madison Hodges’ desire to strengthen the public media system through improving the relationship between broadcasters and their licensees to help the station/licensee transition to success. Advancement means not accepting the status quo, so this award is for forward-thinking media professionals and institutional leaders. Award criteria is based on the quality and importance of a short or long-term achievement. The Award is intended as a platform to recognize success, defined in this case as simply the courage to “try.” Even failures, if successful in helping move the system forward, can be recognized. The Award recognizes the individual’s attempts to make a greater impact in their communities and their profession as a public media professional.

Nominations for the 2021 Award are due October 21.

In your letter of nomination please include:

  • Nominee’s Name, station and contact information
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Biographical sketch of the nominee and his/her contribution to public media advancement.
  • Related Documents which reflect how the nominee’s innovations meet the listed criteria (you may attach a Word or PDF document in support of your nomination).

Send to:
Virginia M. Dambach at