U:SA needs your assistance in three areas:
  1. The Board is seeking to expand to include a University Administrator that is knowledgeable and supportive of public media. Can you recommend someone? Call Virginia at 701-371-9771 or email to share details.
  2. We’re seeking samples of tele-work agreements; reimbursement policies for cellphones/internet and other work-from-home expenses; and policies regarding these areas. Materials will be shared on the U:SA website and can be acknowledged or posted anonymously as you wish. Send samples to Virginia Dambach.
  3. Start thinking about a nomination for the Madison Hodges Innovator Award for Public Media Advancement. The deadline is coming up September 8th and with the challenges we’ve faced in 2020/21, there are some outstanding candidates. The nomination process is not complicated. Read more.
Thanks in advance for your input and expertise!